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Arch Capital Management, Inc. ("Arch Capital") is an independent investment management firm located in San Francisco, CA. The information provided herein may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without prior written consent. The data provided is for informational and discussion purposes only. Arch Capital makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the applicability of the information to any investor’s investment decision-making process. The information contained herein will be superseded by, and is qualified in its entirety by, reference to the private placement memorandum or comparable document of Arch Capital Management Inc, which will contain additional information about the investment objectives, terms and conditions of an investment in said fund and also may contain tax information and risk disclosures that are important to any investment in the fund. You should refer to or request a copy of such documents prior to evaluation of the information on this site, as they contain detailed disclosures that should be taken into consideration. You should also consult a financial, tax, legal or other adviser with appropriate expertise when using this information to evaluate an investment decision. Material aspects of the information contained herein may change at any time. The historical performance data provided is neither indicative of nor a guarantee of future results. There is no assurance that similar returns will be achieved in the future. Actual, net of fees performance is presented for Arch Capital. An investor’s actual results may have differed substantially from the performance figures presented herein due to differences in fees and the timing of investor contributions and withdrawals, among other reasons. Performance figures include cash and cash equivalents, and reflect the reinvestment of dividends, interest and other earnings.